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We have a large selection of logistics, warehousing, etc. personnel and various
other skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel with specialized experience


We are a well established company with 14+ years of experience in the industry

Legal Compliance

The peace of mind that we comply with all relevant legislation and are registered with all relevant bargaining councils

BEE Compliance

We facilitate Black Economic Empowerment


We have branches in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the Eastern Cape

Modus Operandi

How we work and what we do for you

We do an analysis or needs evaluation of your current and envisaged Human Resource management requirements in order to provide you with a solution. Upon the conclusion of an agreement with all stakeholders involved, the process is then set in motion within all legal and professional parameters. Central to our approach, is the capacity building of local inhabitants from previously disadvantaged communities.

We also pride ourselves with the fact that we have access to the very best national personnel, who can readily be accessed, based upon the strategic needs of the organisation. Preference is, however, given to local expertise without compromising on output quality and our values.

Some of Our Clients


  • We have to focus much harder on our core business and eliminate activities and structure that might be appropriate in times of strong growth cycles, but are simply unacceptable in our current economical climate.

    Kurt Hellstroem, CEO – Ericsson (Sweden)
  • Corporate executives agree that to be able to compete on a national or international level their energy and focus must be on functions that are core to their business. To achieve this focus non-core functions need to be outsourced to reputable companies, which offers efficient solutions while matching your needs. This ensures that business in turn performs at optimum.

    Cape Times OUTSOURCING – April 2016

Our Services

Human Resource Management and Outsourcing

The economy is rapidly changing to an environment where the option of using contractors is becoming more preferable and competitive in the long run. Our outsourcing division offers ways of obtaining skilled and specific task-oriented people when and as required. We supply all categories of personnel required for projects and daily activities in various industries such as Logistics, Warehousing, Hotel and Catering, Steel, and Manufacturing (with the number of industries growing by the day). These categories include:

Permanent Placements

Any level from Senior Management down, covering the full scope of any organisation.

Temporary Placements

Administration staff, and all other staff functions.

Professional Placements

Planners, Draughtsmen, Engineers, Estimators, Branch Managers, Operations Managers, etc. - on a fixed term basis.

Labour Hire

Including unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled personnel of all categories.

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About Us

We are a Human Resource Management and Outsourcing Service Company

V&A Personnel was started in 2002 and has grown from strength to strength to become a reputable and financially stable company in the industry. We have come up with new innovative business concepts, which have revolutionised aspects pertaining to HR management, labour supply and outsourcing services.

Our mission is to provide a Human Resource management service to organisations from a holistic and professional perspective. This is achieved through the provision of services and co-operative agreement with our clients.

The management, implementation, quality control and continuous updating of all Human Resource management services are undertaken by V&A on behalf of our clients. We focus our attention on small, medium and large organisations. V&A fully supports the changes taken place in our country and more specifically to help the underprivileged to enable them to have the opportunity to enrich and develop their knowledge and experience.

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